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How unique is your brand?

You're about to find out in Where's the Brand?

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Every day, brokers compete to win business from other brokerages. And in this commoditized market, the question they have to answer is, "why you?"

Do your producers have a compelling, differentiated answer to this question? Or do they sound like everyone else?

Where’s the Brand? report on broker messaging clearly shows ‘what everyone else’ is saying. 

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Insights into how brokers across Canada are messaging

  • 5 most common brand story arcs 

  • Most popular imagery used


It will become your reference and comparison point for your brokerage’s branding efforts.


From it, you’ll be able to glean insights into how to differentiate your brokerage. 


And want messaging to avoid if you don’t want to sound like ‘everyone else’. 

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