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benevolent adjective [ buh-nev-uh-luhnt ] acting with a customer's best interest 

at heart. See also, worthy intention.

As the former VP of Marketing, Sales and Client Services (not all at once),

Steve helped build the Policy Works brand across Canada

until our sale to Applied Systems in 2019.

He lead the drive to double our monthly recurring revenue, created the Commercial Management System (CMS) category, and the

Policy Works Ninja and Broker Appreciation Week t-shirt campaigns.

Now he's focused on helping insurance brokers build great brands.


Because he believe in the value brokers provide and want

to help those who believe in the power of remarkable 

brands succeed. 

So if you're a broker and believer in brand,

reach out and connect.

p.s. if find yourself in Calgary, let me know.

Beer or coffee's on me.

My Values

#1 Principles over rules

#2 Play long term games with long term people

#3 Challenge the status quo

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Values + Trust = Referrals 

Companies like Harley Davidson and SouthWest figured out that the stronger the social identity – the degree to which someone feels similar or connected to a group of people or brand – the stronger the relationship.


This research-backed eBook, based on the academic paper titled, “An Identification-based Relationship Marketing Model”, shows how stronger feelings of identification leads to more trust, and ultimately more referrals.

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