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Hi Wendy!

So glad you dropped by.

I'm going to respect your time and get straight to it: your last name is marketing gold.

I'm willing to bet anyone who sees your bus bench chuckles. And then has an internal dialogue about real estate and being crazy (either buying, selling or being a realtor).

My advice: use it to completely set yourself apart from the Darcy Browns and Jamie Newtons of the world. They're boring. 

Your strategy: getting results means being crazy good. 

Wendy Wacko

Crazy good. Realty.

Below are a few designs I put together bringing this idea to life. Simply scroll through using the blue arrows.

I could see these on bus benches, billboards, post cards, mailers and of course social media. 

Three final thoughts:

1. if you're interested, drop me a line ( or give me a call 403.607.7637

2. only you can see this page (you're the only one who knows the url)

3. if I've coloured too far outside the lines here, my apologies. 

Take good care! Talk soon?

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