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Marketing is sales at scale.

Brand is good.

Brand + sales is much better.


It doesn’t matter if you’re heavy on the socials, deep into trade publications or dropping community flyers. Every piece of marketing you do needs to line up to bringing in new customers. 


To do that, you need to be DISTINCTIVE and garner EXPOSURE. 


This is the essence of how I build marketing strategy:

  • Be DISTINCTIVE: create a message that separate you from the competition

  • Get EXPOSURE: get your message in front of prospective customers


Those people who might buy from you need to see your brand and remember you when they (finally) decide they need your particular service.


Most companies I’ve worked with have varying marketing philosophies. That’s mine. 


The key is turning your marketing philosophy into action that overcomes the challenges we face as service providers.

Here's what that process looks like.

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