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How We Help

At Benevolent Marketing, our goal is to help service businesses create the kind of customer experiences

that drive referrals, and sales. The key is taking the intangible – your service – and making it tangible.

Here’s our process.

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Map Your Customer Experience

Unlike other marketing consultants, we start with your customers’ experience. Too often we focus on ‘what we do’ and not ‘what our customers feel’. By mapping out their entire journey, you’re better able to understand how to reduce customer anxiety and create moments of delight.

  • Map out the customer journey (pre- and post-purchase) to identify key moments

  • Uncover your prospects’ unspoken fears, or Scarecrows

  • Intentionally build trust by displaying capability, reliability, and benevolence

Customer Journey Mapping

Productize Your Service

It’s hard for customers to compare services. Services are intangible, invisible. Together, we’ll take your ‘secret sauce’ and create a tangible ‘product’. Where everyone zigs, you’ll zag.

  • Map out your marketing and sales processes

  • Identify what makes you and your service unique, what you can “own”

  • Create a tangible ‘product’ that represents your service offering

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 12.32.54 PM.png
Productize Your Service
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Strategic Revenue Planning

This is where we turn your customer experience knowledge and your productized service into action. Don’t worry, this isn’t your ‘big agency plan’ with a ‘big agency budget’. This is a practical roadmap to increasing sales.

  • Develop a full marketing and sales plan

  • Create KPI’s to measure results

  • Ongoing coaching and implementation

Strategic Revenue Planning
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