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Grow your referrals.
Win more business.

Every service business relies on referrals to grow.

Problem is, they’re unpredictable.

Let’s change that.

Stop dabbling in marketing tactics (ad words, SEO, blogging) that leave you frustrated;

Start focusing on your customers’ journey from their perspective;

Learn how to break-down your prospects’ defenses and expose their unspoken fears;

Build instant rapport through trust: competency, reliability and benevolence;

Leverage the processes you already have in place.

Business People Talking

Marketing a service business is hard.

Contractors. Electricians. Insurance brokers. Financial planners. Accountants. Plumbers.

It doesn’t matter what type of service you provide.

Customers can’t compare features, like a car or phone. They can’t “try it out first”. So they rely on referrals from their friends and family. The people they trust.

And customers who really trust you become your best salespeople.

How we help you get more referrals

Let’s make your customer experience one that people won’t stop talking about. 

Image by Alvaro Reyes

Map Your Customer Experience

  • Map out your customers’ journey (pre- and post-purchase) to identify key moments

  • Uncover your prospects’ unspoken fears, or Scarecrows

  • Intentionally build trust by displaying capability, reliability, and benevolence

Image by Scott Graham

Productize Your Service

  • Identify your ‘secret sauce’: what makes you and your service unique

  • Turn that secret sauce into a tangible ‘product’ that distinguishes you

  • Use your Productized Service as your marketing anchor

Image by Lukas Blazek

Strategic Revenue Planning

  • Help develop your sales and marketing plan

  • Start measuring the results

  • Rinse. Repeat. Succeed.

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Values + Trust = Referrals 

Companies like Harley Davidson and Toms figured out that the stronger the social identity – the degree to which someone feels similar or connected to a group of people or brand – the stronger the relationship.


This research-backed eBook, based on the academic paper titled, “An Identification-based Relationship Marketing Model”, shows how stronger feelings of identification leads to more trust, and ultimately more referrals.

(Don't worry, this is a straight eBook download. 

No email required.)


"Marketing always seemed fuzzy to me. Working with Steve, though, I learned that I was wrong. There’s a consistency and logic in how he evaluates, understands and approaches business problems. He always looks to maximize the return on a project, and he delivers."


John Eastly, Co-Founder & former President of Policy Works Inc.



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