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Big agency marketing.  Small business focus.

If you're a small business owner looking to do "marketing", this might be for you.

It doesn't matter what kind of small business you run, I'm willing to bet two things:

#1 The majority of your new business comes from referrals

You're not alone. That's how most small to mid-sized businesses grow. Customer referrals. Word of mouth.

We all love referral business. But it's sporadic. And it often doesn't help you hit your revenue goals, especially if you're looking to grow. 

Which brings us to the next point.

#2 You've tried different marketing tactics with minimal success.

Maybe it's been an event. Or some Facebook or google ads. Perhaps you've run a direct mail campaign or put some ads in your community monthly. 

Unfortunately, none of these brought in that flood of new business you'd hoped for (and worse, might have been promised).

It's like throwing spaghetti against a wall. Except nothing really sticks. Except your frustration with "marketing". 

Why? Because the approach is one of...

Tactics. Without. Strategy.

SEO. Google ads. Direct mail. SEM. Blogging. Social media. Tik Tok. YouTube videos.

These are all tactics. And you can spend your limited marketing budget on either one without seeing tangible results. 

The reason why? It usually comes down to not having a solid marketing strategy to start with. 

On top of this, over 78% of small businesses in Canada are service based. Yet most of the marketing approaches you see, especially with larger marketing agencies, employ a product-focused approach. 

Not me.

Service-Focused Marketing

My approach to marketing - helping you grow beyond referrals - is run through the services lens.

Because selling a service is a different game.

Services are intangible. Invisible. Non-refundable. And less frequently purchased and often with higher-perceived risks (taxes or retirement planning).


More risk means a higher need for trust. But that's not your marketing problem.

Your problem is standing out from the competition. There might be a hundred accountants or lawyers or financial planners out there. Why would someone choose you? How do you standout?


Together, we tackle these challenges and set the foundation for you to begin marketing your service to the right kind of clients.

How We Can Work Together

There are three different ways we can work together, depending on your needs.


Regardless of how we work together, our focus will be on your marketing strategy:

  1. Message: what makes you distinctive;

  2. Target market: who you are trying to sell to;

  3. Execution: how we can best get your message in-front of your target market within your budget.

  • The 1 Hour Consult

    Get candid feedback on what you're doing now and where you could find some quick wins.
    • Initial assessment
    • Candid feedback
    • Guidance on what do do next
  • Best Value

    The Fractional Marketer

    Every month
    Hire Steve as a senior, in-house marketer at a fraction of the cost.
    • Marketing strategy development
    • Oversight on tactical execution
    • Monthly measurement and review
  • The Strategy Build

    For businesses who have tried random marketing tactics but don't have a strategy. Let's build one.
    • Distinctive brand messaging
    • Target market profiling
    • Determine best ways to reach market
    • Creative campaign development

Have questions?

Let's talk. Send me an email at

We'll have a meeting and talk about what you're looking to accomplish. 

Why work with Steve?

  1. He's doubled recurring revenue in a B2B software company in less than 5 years;

  2. He has over 20 years of hands-on marketing experience;

  3. Experience consulting in software, insurance, finance, and foods;

  4. Experience managing and leading a SMB through good and bad times;

  5. You work directly with Steve, not a junior coordinator;

  6. He wants to see you out-compete the 'big dogs' in your industry.


Connect on LinkedIn


My Values

  • Play long term games with long term people;

  • Embrace the underdog mentality;

  • Laugh often.

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