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Always judge a marketer by their website.

Except this site. 

Admittedly, it's as boring as hell. Basically one colour. One picture. Mostly text. Not exactly drawing anyone in. Look, we're in the middle of updating it. But we're slammed, so it keeps getting put to the back burner. 

But hey, if you're here, welcome. Try not to fall asleep whilst reading. 

Accountants. Lawyers. Insurance brokers. Realtors. Contractors. Dog walkers. 

Whatever you do, you know the challenge of growing your business beyond referrals.

And while referrals are great, they likely won't get you the kind of growth you're looking for.

Enter marketing. 

I'm not going to waste your time telling you what marketing is. You already know what marketing is.

That's not why you're here. You're here because you need help putting ideas into action. 

You probably have questions like:

  • What do I do?

  • Where do I start?

  • How much do I spend?

  • What kind of return should I expect?

And you can go buy books and read blogs and you'll likely get lots of generic advice like, "talk to your customers", "start a blog or podcast", "create an email list and launch a newsletter".

The problem is, none of these are as easy as they sound. And it may not even be in your best interest to do any of them.

I know. I've been marketing for almost 25 years.


And that's what I bring to the table. 

Decades of small business marketing experience. Experience growing a business. Experience watching the bottom-line because it was my bottom-line.

How can we work together?

First things first. 

Let's see how well we line up on marketing philosophy.

Then, provided we're aligned, we'll talk. About business. Marketing. And life.

You'll share what you're trying to achieve. And I'll think about how I can best help.


Then I'll come back to you with a proposal for a campaign.


I like campaigns because they are nice little projects, with specific goals, and a beginning and end. Campaigns are the best way for both of us to test the waters of working together.

Who is Steve?

I’m the former head of marketing at Policy Works Inc. I helped build the Policy Works brand and double our revenue in less than 5 years prior to our sale to Applied Systems.


During that time, I was part of the leadership team. I know what it takes to run a successful business. And how marketing drives sales.


What I loved the most about my work was creating marketing campaigns. It was satisfyingly fun to run campaigns that were unexpected. And different from the usual insurance software stuff.

We made insurance brokers laugh and injected some humour into what can be an otherwise boring day-to-day. 

Now I'm chasing that feeling again.

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